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Bulk Wholesale Crew Socks for Everyday Low Prices!

Our name says it all; crew socks wholesale. We sell bulk crew socks to the public for wholesale prices. You can buy as few as a dozen pairs if you are buying for yourself or more if for the family. Conversely, if stocking your retail store or a stand at the county Track and Field Days, you can order our crew socks wholesale by the tens or hundreds of dozens.

Crew socks are designed for hard use, be it work or play. The moisture-wicking feature of the finest yarns means your feet will remain dry and odor-free over the long hours. Keeping dry and fresh is a must whether you’re working construction, or just doing yard work with the kids. 

Your feet need to breathe, as well as your lungs, during strenuous activities. Sweaty feet are in invitation for blisters, and if you have ever been caught miles from the house or car with a tender foot, you’ll be glad you thought ahead and packed an extra pair of our crew socks in your knapsack. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

The high cotton content makes our crew socks wholesale soft and comfortable during the most strenuous exercise. Our sock designers add just the right amount of strong and long-lasting polyester to prevent premature failure, whether you are climbing the Colorado Rockies or rafting down the Grand Canyon.

Spandex is a modern miracle fiber that can stretch to conform to your foot, ankle, and calf, assuring that your crew socks wholesale will never let you down by falling down.

Many of our customers tell us buying our crew socks was their introduction to online shopping for super savings 🙂

All of our Socks are:

Breathable & Comfortable

Available in Many Sizes (unisex)

Designed for Everyday Use

Bulk Wholesale Discounts

Machine Washable

Moisture Wicking

Why Buy from us?

Our crew socks are the same high quality footwear found in many retail outlets, from mom-and-pop corner stores, to national discount chains. We buy in trailer-load lots direct from the factory, eliminating the distributors, wholesalers, and job-lot venders, to bring you a quality product at substantial savings.

Knitted on modern, computerized machines, the seamless heel and toe area are reinforced for long wear over months of hard use. Durability is another word for savings, and when you buy our crew socks wholesale you know you have made a wise investment.

Giving Back Program

Driven by values

Socks are the #1 most requested item in Homeless Shelters! Wearing the right socks can go a long way towards foot health but those struggling with homelessness don’t have that option. However, together we can help! For every order placed on we donate socks to the homeless.


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