Giving Back Program

Giving Back Program

Charity begins at home, and with our company it begins with a giving back program focused around Socks for the homeless.

We support non-profits, homeless shelters, and local charities in communities all across America with our giving back program. It is called Gifts-in-Kind. For every order placed for bulk socks we donate the same high-quality socks to help the homeless get back on their feet.

We are driven by values

Our shelter partners tell us that socks are the Number One most requested item by those out of luck, out of work, and out of a place to lay their head at night.

If you have ever had your car break down in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter, in the middle of nowhere, and your cell phone has no bars, you have a small idea of what being homeless feels like.

There’s nothing you can do but huddle in the darkness, and depend upon the kindness of strangers. It may be as simple as jumper cables for a dead battery, or it may mean a ride to an all-night garage, and the loan of a few bucks. 

That is the kindness of Good Samaritans, and you pay it forward with your own giving back program. One good deed, they say, deserves another.

In our business we earn a living selling socks, and we pay it forward with our giving back program for those less fortunate. 

Street People. The ones you see pushing shopping carts loaded with their worldly belongings. Folks collecting cans for nickels and dimes. For them nickels and dimes are real money. And rest assured they don’t spend scarce funds on clean, new socks. Not when hunger gnaws at their belly.

It is too easy to turn your head and walk on by by. They say; they’re drug addicts, crazy people, scary and dangerous. Of course you know deep down that’s not true. Many of today’s homeless are families who have lost their job due to the Covid pandemic. Our corporate giving back program is one small step to getting them back on their feet.