Mens and Womens Crew Socks

Mens and Womens Crew Socks

Mens and Womens Crew Socks

Our mens and womens crew socks originally got their name from university rowing clubs. In England the famous Thames boat races between Oxford and Cambridge were so popular with the masses that rowing became an Olympic sport for both sexes.

Crew Socks For Women

And the ladies soon saw that crew socks weren’t just for rich college boys. Female golfers were quick to pickup these calf-length white socks, knit from sturdy cotton, strong polyester, and stretchy Spandex. The Ladies who Lunch also embraced the must-have fashion items. These black or white color socks protect and cushion the feet of savvy shoppers, as they go from store to store in their endless searches for bargain brands at a discount price.

Adults and Teens alike have discovered the ease of placing online orders of mens and womens crew socks. A couple of mouse clicks in our socks hosiery categories (ankle, crew, and dress), and your order is ready to ship. They have options of wearing crew socks and sneakers for the commute, then slipping on heels and hose for the boardroom. Store brands can’t match the price of our wholesale socks hosiery. When you order socks for the whole family the shipping is free when the orders total $75.

For best results filter your internet search for socks by size, color, and price options for big savings. Our socks are found on the feet of female cops, fire fighters, and EMTs, warm and dry as they follow orders to fight crime, dowse flames, and save lives. CrewSocks.Co doesn’t just carry socks hosiery items at a discount price. In addition to socks we have gloves, hats, and gaiters in other categories. Our bandanas are available in more colors and patterns than you will find in retail stores.

It was silk that formed the stockings of King George, but it was cotton stockings worn by both sides in the Revolutionary War. When knee breeches lengthened to become “pants,” their stockings followed suit, and became our modern crew socks. Napoleon said an army marches on its stomach, and while it is true he food fueled his troops as they marched from France to Moscow, they weren’t wearing our crew socks when their feet froze in the Russian winter. Let’s not mention Waterloo, where the English, wearing crew socks, sent him into exile.

Mens and Womens Crew Socks
Mens and Womens Crew Socks
Mens and Womens Crew Socks


“Our volunteer fire company swears by our socks from

Chief R.V., Troy, NY

“Your crew socks kept us high and dry during the flood.”

J.L., Metairie, LA

“We ordered 480 pairs of crew socks for both the boys and girls sports teams.”

Mrs. C. Aliquippa, PA

Women’s Casual Socks

Today, in the rucksacks of armies all across the world, you will find extra pairs of mens and womens crew socks, probably ordered by the dozen from

Socks For Women

Ladies know these fashion items come in most colors and sizes and shapes to fit the female foot. If you have a question about shipping your order we are just a phone call away! 1 (833) 432-3932 Mon-Fri

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