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Excellent Running Socks!

If you are training for a race, or just racing for a train, you will be a winner wearing our running socks.

When shopping for running gear you need to know what materials make a good running sock. It should be moisture wicking for odor control. Even if your running shoes have ventilation panels your feet will still sweat during long runs. Our moisture wicking cotton and polyester socks keep feet dry during marathon training. The construction materials need to offer both foot support and comfort over long hours of road running.

Sprinter’s Socks

Hundred meter sprinters wear track shoes with spikes, and often wear no socks at all during the short race. Or they will chose a pair of no-show socks, with just a heel tab. Times are measured in hundreds of a second. Weight is the enemy of speed, and comfort is not an issue during a ten second race.

Marathon Running

Long distance runners, from the local 10K Race for the Cure to the Boston Marathon, need a darn tough sock to go the distance. Along with a pair of running shoes, a pair of running socks with the cushioning comfort of cotton can be the difference between winning and losing. A toe seam can cause more blisters when running long distances. Go to a seamless design in your workout sock if you have tender toes and feet.

More options for long distance running are toe socks. They reduce the friction between toes and shoes during activity. Typically seen in distance runners, toe socks provide a layer of fabric between each toe that reduces the likelihood of blisters, hang nails, and other foot injuries caused by rubbing of the toes on the shoe or other toes.

Road Running Socks

Pounding the pavement or going off road for a trail run means cross country runners need a sturdy pair of shoes that give good arch support. A twisted ankle in a location far from home is nothing to laugh at. Wearing a pair of compression socks that restrict blood flow can prevent the leg and ankle from getting tired. Experienced cold weather runners choose merino wool socks, or a merino wool nylon blend pair of running socks to keep the feet dry and warm in winter.

Best Socks To Prevent Blisters 

Ring spun cotton fabrics are the best choice in a running sock to prevent blisters. The seamless toe design keeps the material from bunching under the foot. Thick padding allows moisture wicking to keep feet dry. Wet toes are a blister in waiting.

Ankle Socks For Running

Nothing superfluous to slow you down, either running the forty at the NFL Combine, or just chasing the dog down the street. Crew height socks are great for someone during a workout regimen at the gym, but for serious runners less is more when weight is an issue. The sock should fit the shoe, with no excess material bunching under the foot.

but even that extra bit of fabric can add a tenth of a second, when split seconds matter. Take the two-week challenge: Wear our running socks during spring training, and see if your On Base Average doesn’t improve.

Everyday Socks For Running

Lets face it, socks are good for more than one task.  You don’t need running socks to keep up with a toddler on her tricycle, or when dashing after an umbrella that’s doing a Mary Poppins in a sudden thunderstorm. Our crew socks won’t let you down, when you are just trying to keep up. It’s a given when you’re late for work, and running for a bus, or hailing a cab, you need dress socks that will maintain the course of a busy day of doing business.

Diabetic Socks

There is a higher end sock also available: The diabetic sock. Misunderstood, and under-appreciated. Knit from the softest cotton, with a touch of polyester for strength, and spandex for support, these socks are designed with foot health in mind. Cushioned toes and heels, they support the arch and cradle the calf. No red skin lines or itchy calves from these socks. Many customers swear by them as bed socks.