Mens and Womens Diabetic Socks

Mens and Womens Diabetic Socks

Mens and Womens Diabetic Socks

Neuropathy Socks

Doctors tell us diabetic neuropathy is a fancy word for nerve damage. Symptoms are a loss of feeling in legs and feet. You step on a tack and yell, “Ouch!” Except if you have diabetes you keep walking, feeling no pain. You are unaware of the damage, until you take off your shoes and socks at the end of the day and find a blood stain on your sock.

If you have lost feeling in your toes and feet, it’s easy for even the smallest cut to go unnoticed. The tiniest blister can become infected, and if not treated can lead to amputation. Physicians at the Diabetes Institute tell us that nearly all limb loss is preventable. Our mens and womens diabetic socks are the first line of defense.

Best Sock For Sports

If you are wearing our white diabetic socks for sports you know you are getting the best design for an active lifestyle. The non-constricting uppers allow blood flow to the legs and feet. The cushioning sole conforms to the shape of the foot. The toe seams are of a design that prevents a cut or a blister. Sport socks for women can be the difference between winning the race and losing a leg.

Buying diabetic socks from us means you are getting the best cotton diabetic sock for women, non binding ones that do not restrict circulation. A wet foot is an opportunity for the nasties to invade. The non-constricting construction provides good moisture management. Dry feet are happy feet. Our mens and womens diabetic socks construction wicks moisture away, and promotes healthy foot care.

Diabetic Socks For Women

Our mens and womens diabetic socks are designed and constructed to meet the needs of both diabetics, and those suffering pain from lack of blood circulation. Soft, extra thick fabric in the heel and ball of the foot cushions the impact of walking. The loose-fitting top is con-constricting as it promotes circulation in the legs and feet. There are no toe seams to chafe, no spots for blisters to develop. You can go about your day, knowing your ankles and feet are protected by diabetic socks.

Best For Work

Women know diabetic socks must both look great and provide comfort on the job. The top must be smooth, and fit the leg, while not constricting the blood flow. Saggy, baggy socks are one item women won’t risk wearing. Men mostly don’t care how their legs and ankles look.

Fashionable shoes need a an equally fashionable product to keep moisture and pain at bay. Every pair of our diabetic socks are cut from ring spun high quality cotton fabric. Irritation and discomfort are not a problem when ladies slip their feet into our specially designed diabetic socks for women.

Non Binding Socks Promote Leg, Ankle, And Foot Health.

The diabetic socks on our website can be made in purchases of as little as 6 pairs, and as many as 240 pair. Select from a wide range of products from our menu, drop the items in the cart, and proceed to checkout. You can request expedited shipping via UPS and FedEx.

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“My doctor prescribed diabetic socks and i see why, they’re great! Thanks for the prompt delivery.”

N.B. Torrance, CA

I have tender feet, and these ultra-soft diabetic socks are like walking on clouds.”

K.L. Shreveport. LA

“Your socks don’t constrict my feet like regular ones do.”

F.S. Wilton, CT.

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